Bliss Lau is proud to announce a partnership with WAANT. Founded by west coast entrepreneur Jenny Chung Seeger,  WAANT is a female-owned business committed to great design and making engagement ring shopping easier and more ethical.  Jenny is also the founder of No.3, the only boutique in the US to carry the Bliss Lau Ceremony collection.  

"Bliss and I have been working together for over 10 years and she's one of the most inspiring designers I know. She designed my custom engagement ring which launched me into the jewelry world on a path that finally converged with hers with the launch of Waant. I couldnt think of a more exciting partnership. " -Jenny Chung Seeger

All styles on the site are original Bliss Lau designs, but you get to collaborate: choose exactly how you wish your ring to be shaped, pronged, set and finished.  WAANT offers a beautiful visual display of each ring variation, so you know exactly what you are getting before it arrives at your door.

A note from WAANT:

We aren’t like a traditional jeweler. As a matter of fact, we aren’t even like a traditional online jeweler. You won't find a catalog of 100+ diamonds of varying shapes and qualities to set into our rings. We start with the design first, and hand select the stones to fit your custom ring. The truth is that not every stone suits every ring, so we’re committed to finding the best stone for you. We take pride in the process and are confident that you will, too.

 In case you were wondering, yes those are Bliss's hands in the video!