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195 Chrystie Street, Suite 603F

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195 Chrystie Street, Suite 603F

New York, NY 10002

Mon-Fri, 11am-6pm






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At Bliss Lau we believe in the magic of heirloom jewelry. Our Circularity process places your gemstone into a new setting, reusing it's components. It's journey comes full circle, as it enters back into the world, transformed. Design aesthetics may evolve with each new generation. Honor your heirloom's past by bringing it into the future, with your shared story.

We have created a unique four step process to remake, reuse, and recycle your jewelry into a custom Bliss Lau creation.

It starts, of course, with you.

Our intimate collaboration unfolds as we develop a unique design based on your story. From here we paint with shape and precious metal, and infuse each choice with stones and colors that embody you.


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Place your order

To create your new, original piece, we offer a variety of design categories and styles for the heirloom elements you wish to use. Upon placing your order, we will send you a personal email to begin your journey.  With our Circularity process, you will receive a bespoke piece of fine jewelry.

Send Us Your Jewels 

Included in our process, is the cost of shipping your jewelry to us for recycling, extraction and evaluation. While shipping fine jewelry can feel scary, at Bliss Lau it is second nature.  We do it every day.  We will provide full insurance, a shipping label and will walk you through this process. Shipping within the USA has a maximum value of $10,000.   Any additional value will incur additional costs.

Our Intake Process 

We understand that heirloom jewelry is highly personal and pieces have sentimental value.  Upon receiving your jewelry, we will thoroughly examine and document the original piece. To confirm if all or some of the stones should be extracted, we will contact you prior to extraction.  

Stone Extraction

Next, our artisans will carefully extract the stones and will catalog each piece that has been extracted.  We will then measure, catalog, and organize your stones for the design process.  One note of caution: oftentimes jewelry that has been lovingly worn for years, has wear and tear.  Some stones may be broken or may break in the extraction process. 

.02    ENVISION       

Design collaboration

The design process begins.This is the fun part! We will guide you through our unique process: We’ll meet, virtually or in person, to learn your story, how you wear jewelry and what this piece means to you.  The intention of each element of the new design is to support you, your heritage, and honor your precious heirloom. If you have any specific styles of our jewelry you love please let us know! All Engage design meetings are booked here.

Revive / Recycle

As part of our philosophy at Bliss Lau, we believe that all jewelry is created with intention and purpose. We greatly respect the craftsmanship and beauty of antique and vintage jewelry and occasionally will prefer to revive and recycle a mounting rather than melt it down.  In that instance, we will offer a credit of double the cost of meltdown and let you decide which option is most comfortable with respect to your heirloom.


As recently as a generation ago, most jewelers practiced the tradition of circularity through melting down the material and using that same metal to recast a new piece.  Our current method of recycling metal and making process has since changed. Metal recycling is sent to a large batch refiner for purification purposes. Therefore we no longer remake jewelry with the exact gold or platinum from your heirloom, however the metal that we use is recycled, learn more about our metals here

The price of gold fluctuates daily. Once the stone extraction is complete, we will weigh the gold or platinum setting and calculate its value. The value will then be credited to your purchase upon completion.    

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Custom Sketch Rendering

In a world where almost everything is digital, we are proud to still use paper and pencil during our ideation process. We design by concepting each piece in multiple views; our technical designs are rendered to fit the proportions of your body and the stone. As a complimentary gift, we include a digital sketch rendering to help you visualize the jewelry you will receive. 

Our Design Technology 

For more information on our Advanced Design Technology process please click here

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Receive and enjoy 

Upon completion, you will receive an email from a Bliss Lau team member. Please finalize a shipping location at this time where a person will be present to receive this precious package.  Your creation will be ready to ship within 8-12 weeks. 

Along with your new jewelry we include a complimentary Bliss Lau polishing cloth. 

Care for a lifetime

We are delighted that you have chosen to believe in our jewelry and keep it for the rest of your life. This is a true honor to us at Bliss Lau and we want to make sure your jewelry lives a healthy, happy, and loving life.

Safety is important to us and protecting your new heirloom is our priority.  After delivery we will offer to connect you with a no-fault insurance company for a quote, just in case. 

Weekly cleaning will keep your ring shining in all it’s glory. You may use the Natural Cleaner we offer through our website. Our Travel Case is also suggested for a safe place to store your ring on the go.

You are always invited to visit our New York studio for a free jewelry cleaning, book an appointment here.


Our value scale is based upon a specialized process of creation, each idea presented in our circularity designs is unique, inventive, and original. We believe in transparency and developed our value scale by itemizing each phase of our process based on the complexity of each design. Prices listed in our circularity section are calculated specifically for each style and estimated to the best of our ability, in some cases additional costs will be incurred, we will always inform you of any costs prior to commencing work.  

Through our design evolution, we believe that each stage of the making process is an opportunity to support our community of artisans and members of our supply chain and promote environmental responsibility and circularity. This philosophy holds true in how we approach each element of what we do and how we do it.