1.87 CT Medium Blue Green Montana Sapphire

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The Montana Sapphire is one of our favorite stones.  This stone was mined by our friend Chris who owns a mine in the El Dorado region of Montana, the mine was first used during the Gold Rush in the 1800's.  Back then they didn't see any value in the colored rocks they found while digging for Gold. Now however, Chris mines this same land by sifting through the rocks left from those days.  We love his stones and his story.

  • 1.87 Carats
  • L 8.75 x W 5.89 x H 4.37 mm
  • Sapphire
  • Oval
  • Natural, Unheated. While most Sapphires are heated we often work directly with the miners to obtain unheated stones therefore showing the beautiful colors and intricacies within the gemstone.
  • Medium Steel Blue, with a hint of yellow some interesting inclusions in the top edges of the oval show it's natural character 
  • In Stock, loose stone
  • GAL Certified 

You may purchase this stone for your own use, or work with us to create a custom setting.  Currently our Illuminate Ring Set, Centered Ring settings are designed specifically to fit this size stone. The Centered Ring pairs with the Acute Slide Ring Pair, Bliss Slide Ring Pair, Elliptical Slide Ring Pair and Oblique Ring Pair. For inquiries or questions please email us at info@blisslau.com