The Hypewoman Tribute Award

Every woman is a diamond. As adults, we forget that sense of ourselves as exceptional. The Hypewoman award reminds us that those simple acts of kindness in our community and through individuals are just as exceptional yet rarely celebrated.

Please tell us about someone you know who has gone through a transformation of self that has brought them joy or has supported their community or family in an impactful way.


The term – coined by Ella's CEO + Founder Erin Gallagher in her viral post that turned a moment (Jamie Lee Curtis hyping Michelle Yeoh's Golden Globes Best Actress win) into a Movement – has mobilized us all.

It's more than a meme. It's a seismic shift in the way women view one another.

Now we want to keep the momentum going. Tell us about your Jamie; we want to play tribute to her.

We want to honor women supporting women

Do you know a woman who has made it part of her life purpose and focuses on helping elevate other women? We are more interested in this person's impact on other women in her orbit than if she is a known person.

We want to celebrate the everyday people, not those used to accolades.


Hypewoman Tribute

The Hypewoman Tribute honoree will receive a piece of bespoke jewelry created by designer Bliss Lau. The honoree will be celebrated during another important milestone moment for both hosts Bliss Lau and Ellaforall, their 20th and first years in business, respectively.

We will pay tribute to the winner while celebrating this incredible milestone for these two independent women-owned businesses. We celebrate because we deserve to acknowledge the work we do daily to create a more equitable world for women everywhere.

The bespoke jewelry talisman will be made by women, with a stone mined by women, and the piece is, of course, designed by Bliss. The piece is intended to remind us of the importance of marking the milestones in our lives, a symbol of that celebration.