1.75 CT Sunrise Radiant Cut Oregon Sunstone

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When we discovered the Oregon Sunstone we fell hard for it.  One element that makes this stone so unique is unlike any other sunstone it has Copper in it which is what creates the beautiful Schiller effect.  Native American legend tells a story of a warrior carrying his warrior spirit into the stones, giving them sacred power and coloring them with the red-tone.  A feldspar, the Oregon Sunstone has a hardness of 6-6.5 and carries the ability to hold extensive beautiful faceting.  This stone while round, is cut with an eight pointed star in the center.  Purchased directly from the Sunstone miners.

  • 1.75 Carats
  • 7.94 x Depth 5.48 mm 
  • Origin, Oregon USA
  • Round 
  • Radiant Cut with eight pointed star
  • Light Peachy Orange with hints of Copper, akin to a desert sunrise
  • In stock, loose stone 

You may purchase this stone for your own use, or work with us to create a custom setting. Currently our Centered and Minimalist setting is designed specifically to fit this size stone. The Minimalist pairs with the Spire Rings, Osculant Ring Pair, Oblique Ring Pair and Minimalist Band.  The Centered Ring pairs with the Acute Slide Ring Pair, Bliss Slide Ring Pair, Elliptical Slide Ring Pair and Oblique Ring PairFor inquiries or questions please email us at info@blisslau.com