1.76 CT Brilliant Cut Champagne Diamond

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Color adds so much dynamism to a piece of jewelry, this is why we love a Champagne Diamond.  This stone has an interesting cognac-yellow coloration that brings the color to be slightly darker than the yellow gold we suggest it be set in.  While Champagne Diamonds come in a range color colors from very light to a chocolate brown, this stone’s color range sits nicely in the center of that scale.  Most Champagne Diamonds come from the Argyle Mines of Australia, we do not have the specific origin of this stone however it comes from one of our most trusted vendors. 
  • 1.76 Carats 
  • 7.76-7.81 x 4.66 mm

  • Round
  • Brilliant Cut
  • Natural Diamond
  • Light Cognac-Yellow with a few subtle inclusions 
  • GIA Certificate number # 2185688796

  • In stock, loose stone 

You may purchase this stone for your own use, or work with us to create a custom setting. Currently our Centered and Minimalist setting is designed specifically to fit this size stone. The Minimalist pairs with the Spire Rings, Osculant Ring Pair, Oblique Ring Pair and Minimalist Band.  The Centered Ring pairs with the Acute Slide Ring Pair, Bliss Slide Ring Pair, Elliptical Slide Ring Pair and Oblique Ring Pair. For inquiries or questions please email us at info@blisslau.com