1.97 Deep Blue Celestial Cut Sapphire

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Inspired by the galaxy, this Celestial Cut Sapphire is round yet created with tiny straight lines giving more sparkle and brilliance to it than an average cut. Mined in Nigeria, and cut by master lapidary artist Larry Woods. One of America's most coveted stone cutters, Larry Woods has created a series of beautifully cut gemstones, in a variety of trademarked styles.  This stone features a deep blue color with some lighter almost greenish yellow tones on the edges, part of it's character is how this Sapphire transforms in different light.

  • 1.97 Carats
  • L 7.06mm x W 9.67mm x H 7.57mm
  • Nigeria
  • Larry Woods Trademarked Celestial Cut, Modified Brilliant
  • Bright and vibrant Deep Blue, some light inclusions show it's natural character 
  • In Stock, loose stone

You may purchase this stone for your own use, or work with us to create a custom setting.  Currently our Centered Ring, Minimalist Ring, and Minimalist Arc Ring settings are designed specifically to fit this size stone. The Minimalist and Minimalist Arc pairs with the Spire Rings, Osculant Ring Pair, Oblique Ring Pair and Minimalist Band.  The Centered Ring pairs with the Acute Slide Ring Pair, Bliss Slide Ring Pair, Elliptical Slide Ring Pair and Oblique Ring Pair.For inquiries or questions please email us at info@blisslau.com