2.06 CT Blue Green Montana Sapphire

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One of the reasons we love Montana Sapphires so much is because we get to meet the people who mined each stone. Our friend Brad mined this beautiful brilliant cut Greenish Blue Sapphire. He only works during the summer months but finds us the most beautiful stones. This stone has a more brilliant cut than most of our other stones, the table being very small, each facet radiates light unlike any other Sapphire in our collection.

  • 2.06 Carats
  • L 7.51-7.58 x W 5.36mm
  • Montana Sapphire
  • Round Cut, the table on this stone is very small allowing for more surface area for faceting, cut in the USA
  • No Evidence of Heat Treatment 
  • Blue Green, a light but dense and even color, some inclusions in the stone show it's natural character 
  • In Stock, loose stone
  • GAL Certified

You may purchase this stone for your own use, or work with us to create a custom setting. Currently our Centered and Minimalist setting is designed specifically to fit this size stone. The Minimalist pairs with the Spire Rings, Osculant Ring Pair, Oblique Ring Pair and Minimalist Band.  The Centered Ring pairs with the Acute Slide Ring Pair, Bliss Slide Ring Pair, Elliptical Slide Ring Pair and Oblique Ring Pair. For inquiries or questions please email us at info@blisslau.com