Dominant Pendant

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From its inception, the Empire State Building was manifested at a dizzyingly rapid pace — designed in two weeks and erected in just 410 days — as if the mere thought of the structure commanded its immediate presence in the physical world. Driving heavenward with an unstoppable kinetic energy, fortified by its elegantly tapered upper floors and spire, the building is both powerful and delicate — stalwart and commanding, yet purposefully casting minimal shadows on the surrounding landscape.

By turning the impression of the Empire State spire upside-down, BLISS LAU captures this persistent power and brings it inward. The sparkling shaved chain represents the building's ascent through vertical space while the anchored drop symbolizes the iconic spire. Plunging along breast bone to rest on the heart, for the wearer, the sensation alludes to both the thrilling momentum and the rooted stability of suspension.

  • Pairs with the Dominant Earring
  • 15" around neck and 17" with extension, 5" drop at center. Available in Sterling Silver or 18K Gold over Sterling Silver.
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Developed in New York City, manufactured in Thailand by a clean factory we are proud to say is staffed by more than half women. 18k Gold plated in the USA and may take an additional two weeks to ship, Sterling Silver is in stock.