Halo Necklace + Small Brevity Pendant

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    The BREVITY Pendant features healing CRYSTAL QUARTZ or protective BLACK JADE cut with a knife edge along its curve to create a shape that's both simple and graceful. Suspended by a single gold bail, the arc of this large pendant mirrors that of the HALO Necklace.

    CRYSTAL QUARTZ, sourced from Arkansas, was chosen for its energy-absorbent properties. As a stone that can capture energy, Bliss wore the Crystal Quartz pieces during pregnancy to capture the energy of the experience and to carry it forward as her daughter grows up. This concept of energy absorption applies not only to pregnancy, but to any nascent experience or adventure. The CRYSTAL QUARTZ pieces are meant to be a keepsake and a reminder of new beginnings and blessed events, whatever the circumstances.


    • 16 inch necklace made in partially recycled 18K yellow gold
    • Crystal Quartz from Arkansas, ethically sourced, and precision cut in Hong Kong
    • Each piece of Crystal Quartz is unique, beautiful snow-like inclusions bring out its unique character, some pieces have more snow than others
    • Brevity Pendant Small measures 9mm wide, made with recycled gold
    • Designed to wear symmetrically and asymmetrically
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    • Halo Necklace is handmade in the USA
    • Developed in New York City, partially assembled in Thailand by a clean factory we are proud to say is staffed by more than half women