Suspension Choker

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A reference to our original 2007 body chain collection this sculpted necklace has notes of the Brooklyn Bridge inspiration via the decorative woven chains in the center front.  Made with triangular wire the angle of the choker is unique and catches the light to become a beautiful statement piece.

  • Wear it with a tank top or v-neck, or under a collared shirt as a suggestion of a tie; a subtle but beautiful addition to your outfit
  • Adjust the choker to fit your neck, one size
  • Molded to the body, the back of this sculpted choker holds onto the body so as not to move during wear
  • Available in Vermeil - 18K Yellow Gold over Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver
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Developed in New York City, manufactured in Thailand by a clean factory we are proud to say is staffed by more than half women. Our 18k Gold plating is done in the USA.