Aquamarines: Strengthen Your Power and Self-Expression

Rising Necklace Aquamarine

Our Connection To Aquamarine

In our design studio, we love to create with aquamarine. I have a strong connection to the stone from growing up in Hawaii, surrounded by beautiful, twinkling, blue waters. To see the ocean in a stone is to be calmed, relaxed, and reminded of that wind in your hair and the moment you first plunge into the ocean and rise to feel that deep, refreshing inhale. When worn on the neck, you can share this feeling with others. When worn on the wrist or hand, you can enjoy the feeling yourself, with every glance. 

Rough Aquamarine

The Mythology Of Aquamarine

Aquamarine has long been associated with Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty. When the bubbling essence of the world’s first seafoam formed, Aphrodite was born. The stone and the goddess share not only a connection to the sea—”aquamarine“ coming from the Latin “aqua marina,” literally meaning “sea water”—but one of aquamarine’s suggested abilities is to absorb and build upon young love. Such symbolism makes it unsurprising that Aphrodite was said to have a particular fondness for aquamarine and is often depicted wearing it in her jewelry.  

Why Aquamarine Is The March Birth Stone

Aphrodite’s affinity to aquamarine is likely a contributing factor to its status as the March birthstone in most Western cultures. Whether Greek Aphrodite and Ares or Roman Venus and Mars, the affair between the goddess of love and the god of war is a well-known piece of mythology. As the month of March is named for Mars, it would make sense for the accompanying stone to be the aquamarine, as it possesses both the ability to protect during combat and the affection of Mars’s lover. 


Beliefs About Powers Of Aquamarine

The qualities of aquamarine in ancient times were relevant not just to the gods, but to daily human life. Sailors would carry aquamarine stones on voyages to ensure a safe return. In the event that illness or injury would befall a sailor or warrior, aquamarine was thought to cure ailments of the throat and eye. 

Some ancient beliefs about aquamarine still prevail to this day, and some have evolved to connect with our world today. Now, aquamarines are regarded as calming, soothing, tranquilizing stones providing clarity and balance and defend against negative energy and psychic attacks. They are considered beneficial for those seeking inner peace as well as those in leadership or public speaking positions, as they also aid with communication and self-expression. These qualities also make the stone fitting for those looking to improve their relationships. At Bliss Lau, we believe and appreciate the mythology around each stone and leave you to decide your own interpretation. 

Associations To Aquamarine

The shades of blue that appear in aquamarines are associated with love and commitment, which, combined with the powers of the stone itself, have turned aquamarine into a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. Luckily, aquamarine is known in-industry for durability and hardness, with a Moh’s scale rating of 7.5-8—perfectly suited for the everyday wear of symbolic jewelry. 

Personally, I have always gravitated toward aquamarines. Their beauty and meaning made them the perfect stone to incorporate into our Harmonious Collection. These magical stones, with their connection to healing, protection, water, and love and their resilience for daily wear, make an excellent choice for a piece of jewelry with which you live your life. 

Thank you for reading. 

xx Bliss

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