Ancient Hindus believed gold to be sunlight swallowed by the earth. In the nineteenth century, silver was prescribed by doctors to mend joint pains. The perception of precious metals has evolved throughout the centuries, continuing into the present day. Below is our perspective on how we make decisions about precious metals in today’s atmosphere.

As a small business, we believe that every decision, no matter how small, makes an impact. Our purchasing decisions with precious metals are informed by years of experience. In 2017, we transitioned our casting to certified recycled precious metals in alignment with a vision of respect for the environment.

Our In-Stock Fine Jewelry line is offered in recycled silver, 14K gold or 18K fairmined gold. Our recycled silver comes from a New York  based refiner. The 14k gold we use is post-consumer recycled, from previously owned jewelry. For custom pieces we can also source recycled Platinum.

We take great care in selecting our sourcing partners. Before becoming an approved Bliss Lau vendor, our partners must complete a comprehensive review that aligns with our Code of Conduct. Among the items we review are their environmental, labor, and business practices. Everything is corroborated through supporting documentation.

In 2019 we became Fairmined Gold licensed.  Fairmined Gold is one of the few types of virgin gold we support; it benefits the lives of miners and uses environmentally-conscious techniques. Fairmined Certified mines have equal opportunities for women, pay fair wages, and are required to reduce environmental impact over time.

Fairmined Gold typically costs 15-20% more, but by paying this premium, you are choosing to reinvest in the responsibility community. We see this extra cost as a value added benefit to these mining communities.

2022 marks an incredible step in our conscious journey with the launch of our first in-stock Fairmined Gold collection. Custom pieces are also available in Fairmined gold, please schedule an appointment for inquiries.