Happy New Year, from Bliss

W I S H I N G  Y O U  A  H A P P Y
A N D  H E A L T H Y  N E W  Y E A R

Bliss Lau

On behalf of you, our clients, we have made a donation to PACT, an NGO that spearheads the Moyo Gemstones project. 

As this year comes to a close, we wanted to send our heartfelt thanks. Supporting us means supporting our suppliers, artisans, technicians, and miners. Our jewelry passes through many hands before it reaches yours. 

Moyo Gems is the first of its kind ethical “mine to market" endeavor for women miners in Tanzania. Moyo Gems works to empower women miners to work safely, mine better, improve financial security, and create stable, equitable markets for fair trade. Moyo means 'heart' in Swahili (the dominant language in Tanzania) and other languages around the African continent.

PACT provides the women of Moyo Gems with a sustainable business model for their futures.

Moyo Gems Garnets

We're excited to announce that in the new year, we will be offering designs made with Moyo Gems. I can’t wait to share them with you. 

Happy New Year.