Our bespoke process is both collaborative and highly individualized. By learning about your life experiences and values, we can create a design that genuinely captures your essence. This method creates a deeper connection between you and the piece we seek to create together.


We begin by exploring our existing designs. Through discovering what you do and do not want, we learn how to create a piece that best expresses your individuality.


Once the design is finalized, we help you select materials for your custom piece. This can include a range of precious metals, gemstones, and other decorative elements.


We start the creation of your piece with the chosen design and materials. At each step of the way, we conduct quality control checks to ensure the final product meets our high standards of both quality and aesthetics. Once crafted, the piece is carefully finished and polished to bring out the full beauty and shine of the materials.

QUALITY Commitment

Each bracelet, ring, and necklace is carefully inspected to ensure all components are secure and the piece meets all of our quality standards.


Each piece is a tiny treasure that we love to admire, so we like to capture completed pieces with lifestyle photography to serve as a memento of our beautiful collaboration. Pieces can be delivered in-studio or via fully insured shipping. We will also provide you with information on our recommended jewelry insurance and can help you with the process.