Reflection Ring 14K Rose Gold + Rhodolite Garnet

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Inspired by the concept of visual entanglement, challenging the mystery of visual truth
  • Twin-set Trillion light Rhodolite Garnet
  • Rose gold is a unique metal formulation of copper mixed with gold and alloys, at Bliss Lau we believe the color of 14K Rose Gold is more beautiful and enhances the overall color balance of the piece. For this reason, we do not work in 18K Rose Gold and offer all Rose Gold options in 14K.
  • Reflection Ring accents Bridge and Mini Bridge Ring as well as Mirage Ring to create Mirage Reflection Pair
  • Each ring band features the Bliss Lau signature stabilizing shape, engineered with a squared bottom to balance the ring centrally on the finger
  • Handmade in the USA
  • This product is made to order and will be delivered in 6-8 weeks. For rush orders and custom requests please contact us at