Bliss Lau's Journey: Pioneering Transparency in Jewelry with the UN Conscious Fashion Network

My heart has always been drawn to more than aesthetics in the intricate world of jewelry. Bliss Lau, the brand I've poured my passion into, has become a vessel for something more profound—a commitment to transparency and ethical practices. With immense gratitude and humility, I share the news: Bliss Lau has been invited to join the United Nations Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network, marking a significant step in our journey toward a more sustainable and socially responsible future.

A Personal Mission: My Pursuit of Transparency

My journey began with a simple realization—the jewelry industry often operates in shadows, leaving consumers in the dark about the stories behind their favorite pieces. In response, I felt a calling to bring transparency to an industry that has long struggled with opaqueness. This commitment goes beyond artistic expression; it's about understanding and valuing every person involved in the creation process, from miners to manufacturers.

As a small business, we believe that every decision, no matter how small, makes an impact. Our purchasing decisions with precious metals are informed by years of experience. In 2017, we transitioned our casting to certified recycled precious metals in alignment with a vision of respect for the environment.

Acknowledging Industry Challenges: Opaqueness and Ethical Concerns

The jewelry industry, a world of creativity and expression, is not without its challenges. Opaqueness and ethical concerns have plagued it for too long, and it's our responsibility to address these issues head-on. For me, this isn't about pointing fingers; it's about collectively acknowledging the challenges and working together to create positive change.

Through asking questions and being open to going straight to the source, I have learned so much about the intricate web that makes up the jewelry industry. Between brokers, agents, dealers, and retailers it is no wonder traceability becomes such a challenge. My thirst for understanding the intricacies of how the entire puzzle of the supply chain comes together led to incredible findings that eventually set me and my brand on the path we are on today.

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A Guiding Light: UN Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network

The United Nations Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network has emerged as a guiding light in this quest for positive change. Hosted by the UN Office for Partnerships, this platform brings together industry stakeholders, media, governments, and UN entities to accelerate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. It's not a pedestal for showmanship, but a collaborative space where voices are heard, and actions speak louder than words.

A Humble Invitation: Joining the UN Network

To my surprise and delight, Bliss Lau has been invited to join this network. It's not an achievement to boast about but a humble invitation to be part of something greater. This recognition is not just for our jewelry but for our values—transparency, responsibility, and a commitment to aligning our work with sustainable development goals. I’m so delighted to be the founding jewelry brand for the initiative and looking forward to utilizing the UN platform to shed light and raise awareness about the practices (some quite shocking) that are still happening today and becoming the vessel for change.

Among the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) that the UN has set out to achieve with this initiative, there are three that align strongly with our work. The first being to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. As a woman and minority owned business Bliss Lau has made a commitment to utilize its power of choice to work with other women small businesses, focus on sourcing from women gemstone miners, gem cutters, as well as women gold miners.

The second SDG identified by the UN that we as a company have been focused on for years is to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, and decent work for all. We take great care when selecting our manufacturing partners to ensure that anyone that is employed by them is making a fair and living wage.

Finally, we are passionate about protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable use of our ecosystems. As citizens of this planet, we believe it is our responsibility to care for the Earth and treat it with love and respect. This has been central to structuring our supply-chain and sourcing practices.

Embracing Transformation: Shaping a Better Future Together

As I embark on this new chapter with the UN Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network, I want to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive future. It's not about grand gestures but small, deliberate steps. Together with like-minded individuals and organizations, we aim to shape a future where dignity, prosperity, and peace coexist on a safe and healthy planet.

Bliss Lau's journey is not a solo act but a collective effort. This invitation to join the UN Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network is a recognition of our values and an opportunity to collaborate for positive change. With humility and gratitude, I look forward to the shared journey ahead, where fashion becomes a force for good, one piece at a time.