GIVING LIGHT: Our Collector Jackie Chung

In this inaugural edition of our GIVING LIGHT series, we spotlight Jackie Chung, a woman whose journey into the world of Bliss Lau jewelry began with a connection made through a mutual friend, Susan. Her story exemplifies the power of meaningful jewelry, the art of personalized design, and the magic of celebrating life's most precious moments.

The Connection

Jackie embarked on her Bliss Lau collection with some of our classic pieces, with her first acquisition being the exquisite Halo Necklace with Quartz Pave Brevity Pendant. But her journey with Bliss Lau was destined for something even more special.

 Brevity halo pave

Meeting the Designer

Jackie was six months pregnant and promoting her film ‘Coming Home Again’ when we met her. I immediately connected with Jackie, we stood in the hallway and talked before running off into the New York City bustle.

In February 2020, only days before the world changed, Louis, Jackie’s husband, and our designer, Bliss, connected to conceptualize a unique ring. This moment came after the couple had spent time looking for a unique jewelry piece; it was meant to encapsulate Louis' deep appreciation for his partner, Jackie, reflecting her elegant yet powerful presence and celebrating their family through intricate symbolism.

 Sketch of Louis and Jackie's Ring

A Light On Jackie

Bliss sat down with Jackie to discuss her experience with Bliss Lau's creations and the symbolism behind her Custom Acoustic + Elliptical Ring Set.

 Jackie's Accoustic Interlocking Custom Ring

BLISS: Do you have a memory of how wearing jewelry has helped you express yourself?

JACKIE: I don't have a specific memory because my Bliss Lau pieces have become part of my everyday life. Louis gifted me the Halo + Brevity Pave pendant necklace I wear daily. My Kaleidoscope Ring is ever-present on my left hand, and my custom ring on my right. Because I can slide the center stone out, it transitions nicely from casual to more formal settings. And it's emotional for me because I had been searching for a piece of jewelry that embodied each of my family members. Louis surprised me with a 5-ring interlocking piece representing my kids, Louis, and me that you and he so lovingly created.

BLISS: How do you connect to jewelry?

JACKIE: I connect to your jewelry on all of these levels! I guess first, it was personal as our mutual friend Susan introduced me to your work. I was immediately obsessed. I love the aesthetics of every piece. Every. Single. Piece you have made. Your jewelry is so elegant and refined while also being wholly unique and dynamic.

Each is a statement on its own, yet it pairs so well with other jewelry. I also appreciate your commitment to choosing partners that source their material ethically and responsibly and the thoughtfulness with which you design each piece. Each design feels like it is custom-made.

BLISS: Any other thoughts?

JACKIE: Louis liked how curated the experience was - getting to view all of the gems and altering the design to create an authentically Bliss Lau piece that also spoke to what Louis was trying to achieve for me. He loves that he could take time to make decisions and that it was an organic process.

Hand with Sapphires to choose from

A Thought For You

As we conclude this beautiful conversation with Jackie, we thank her for sharing her thoughts and experiences. And a special appreciation for Louis for choosing our small business to craft this custom piece, a testament to the power of personalized jewelry.

We encourage you to explore Jackie's remarkable work and talent, as she exemplifies the essence of giving light to those who make the world a more beautiful place. In our next edition, we will continue to shed light on inspiring stories, connecting the dots between personal jewelry, meaningful connections, and the human needs that drive us. Stay tuned.

 Photo credit: The Rikers Brothers