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  • Halo Necklace
  • Halo Necklace
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Halo Necklace

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Worn alone or as an elegant foundation for the BREVITY pendants, the HALO Necklace is a carefully conceived piece, deceptive in its simplicity. For more than a decade, beautifully layered necklaces and body chains have been a BLISS LAU signature. She's known for her ability to beautifully frame and highlight the body.
The HALO Necklace is carefully weighted to hang in just the right curve. The interplay of thick and thin elements allows the piece to trace and accentuate the most elegant parts of the form — in this case, the clavicle — while hanging gently in a perfect half-circle. Matches the Brevity Pendant Crystal Quartz or Black Jade


  • Made in solid yellow gold, partially recycled
  • Available in 16 inch or 26 inch lengths
  • Thin cable chain is 1mm, square chain measures 2.4mm
  • This item is in stock and will ship within 1-2 business days
  • Developed in New York City, partially assembled in Thailand by a clean factory we are proud to say is staffed by more than half women.