by Bliss Lau

At Bliss Lau, we believe in the power of jewelry to inspire connections and connect us to ourselves and loved ones. Our Attune Necklace, is a collaboration between Bliss, and Erin Gallagher of The Fairway.  This necklace carries a profound message of unity, empowerment, and support for women. Join us as we delve into the inspiring story behind the Attune Necklace and the movement it represents. 


Erin Gallagher 

Embracing the Spirit of Hype Women 

Born from a moment that captured the hearts of millions. It was the 80th Golden Globe Awards, where Michelle Yeoh's victory and Jamie Lee Curtis' unabashed support sparked a movement called #Hypewomen. Erin Gallagher, the CEO and founder of Ella for All, recognized the significance of this moment and transformed it into an opportunity to continue the conversation about women supporting each other. The Attune Necklace was created out of a desire to join Erin Gallagher , the CEO and founder of Ella For All and The Fairway in the Hypewomen movement.  

Ella for All, a gender equity company founded by Erin Gallagher, is dedicated to fostering support, empowerment, and unity among women. They believe in creating a kinder, better world by championing women along their journey. Through their initiatives, Ella for All encourages women to celebrate each other's successes, lift each other up, and inspire positive change.  

In addition to their advocacy work, Ella for All engages in meaningful partnerships and collaborations with organizations and brands that share their vision. These partnerships aim to leverage resources, expertise, and influence to drive tangible change and create lasting impact. Their work aligns perfectly with the values and ethos of our jewelry brand creating a seamless partnership. The collaboration between Bliss Lau and Ella for All has given birth to the Attune Necklace, a stunning piece of jewelry with a powerful message. 


The Inspiration Behind the Attune Necklace   


Designed by Bliss and her all-women team, the Attune Necklace represents the collective effort of talented artisans who collaborated on its creation. The centerpiece of the necklace is the Moyo Gem Garnet. Moyo Gems are a specific type of gemstone that hold a special significance in the jewelry industry due to their ethical and sustainable sourcing practices. The term "Moyo" comes from the Swahili word for "heart" or "soul," reflecting the genuine care and compassion that goes into the extraction and processing of these gemstones. 


Moyo Gems are typically sourced from artisanal mines in Tanzania, where they are hand-mined by local women miners. What sets Moyo Gems apart is their commitment to responsible mining practices, fair trade principles, and improving the livelihoods of the miners involved. Moyo Gems actively supports and works with women miners, providing them with fair wages, safe working conditions, and opportunities for skill development and economic empowerment. By directly engaging with these women miners, Moyo Gems aims to create a positive impact on their lives, as well as the lives of their families and communities. Additionally, each gemstone is carefully tracked and documented throughout the entire supply chain, ensuring that it can be traced back to its origin. This commitment to transparency allows customers to have confidence in the ethical and responsible sourcing of their gemstones. We have made Moyo Gems central to our designs and knew that these Garnets were integral to the Attune necklace.


For the fabrication of the Attune Necklace we turned to one of our amazing production partners, Thai Design. Under the supervision of Kim, the owner, and her team of skilled women artisans we knew the execution of the elaborate design would be possible. Thai Design’s precision and craftsmanship were key to the success, getting the kinetics of this design just right even required the development of an innovative closure that allows for the necklace to be adjusted to a perfect length for every individual. This collaborative effort highlights the importance of recognizing and valuing the skills and expertise of women throughout the creative process. Available in sterling silver with a red or pink moyo garnet or can be custom ordered in gold.



Join the Hype Women Community 

This necklace symbolizes unity, support, and empowerment, encapsulating the spirit of women celebrating and uplifting each other. It serves as a reminder that we are stronger together and that every success achieved by one woman is a victory for all.  

We invite you to wear or give this sterling silver necklace as a symbol of support to the hype women in your life becoming an active participant in the movement. Demonstrate your dedication to creating a world where all women are celebrated, valued, and given equal opportunities to thrive.  

Together, let us embrace this mission and work towards a future where every woman's potential is realized, and where unity and empowerment pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.  

Let's inspire positive change and create a legacy of support and encouragement for generations of women to come. 

Gift the ATTUNE NECKLACE today and wear it with pride, or better yet, gift it to a special woman in your life as a symbol of your support and appreciation.