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Sonia Wedding Dress Bliss Lau

Sonia was one of my first brides. Always so chic.
I designed a ring set thinking of Sonia's intense strength combined
with her gentle and feminine force.

Joshua Tree Wedding

"Bliss and I have been friends for a long time. So when I thought my then-boyfriend/now-husband was going to propose, I dropped a few hints for him to 'find' Bliss. She knows my aesthetic so well, I knew he was in good hands. Years later, I am reminded of how lucky I am every time I look at my ring."
- Sonia                            

Sonia Engagement Ring Sketch 

The exceptionally rare color-change Sapphire, which changes from shades of blue to green in different light, was inspired by Jon's birthstone. Paying tribute to the couple's love of nature and the desert, the center stone was uniquely cut by master gem cutter, Larry Woods and based upon mythical Native American theories of the cycle of life. The shape reminds us that we need to balance all four aspects of our being - the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental.

Sonia Acute + Minimalist Sapphire Ring Set     
Acute 13mm Enclose + Minimalist Arc Ring Set
18K White Gold with Color Change Sapphire

The unique engagement ring was paired with the Acute Enclose band to create an interlocking ring set. This patented slide function combines the two rings to one, and symbolically represents the commitment of marriage.

Bliss Lau Engagement Ring Set

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