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Brevity Bracelet

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Combining a complex amalgamation of shapes, the BREVITY Bracelet took more than a year to perfect. BLACK JADE is meant to be worn against the skin, engaging the body in it's deeply healing, protective powers. The shape of the bracelet is triangular and flat along the skin as it coils around the wrist with a Saturn-esque curve. The powerful stone is wrapped in gold with a balancing detail just at the center meant to convey the centering power the bracelet bestows upon its wearer.

BLACK JADE is known as a protective and healing stone that bestows "bodyguard" properties to all who wear it. Jade resonates deeply with Bliss' Chinese-American heritage, and the BLACK JADE pieces are dedicated to her late father. They are meant to convey the power of the people and forces that guide and protect us, even after they are no longer with us. Our BLACK JADE is non-invasively, topically mined by a father-son duo in Australia, making it ethical and filled with a pure energy. As a token, keepsake or talisman, BLACK JADE can be worn as an homage to a loved one who is now elsewhere.


  • Black Jade is non-invasively, topically mined in Australia, and precision cut in Hong Kong
  • Made with recycled yellow gold
  • Bracelet measures 8mm thick, triangular shape
  • Bracelet sizing based upon diameter measurement
  • Matches the Brevity Pendant Black Jade Small and Large
  • This item is in stock and will ship within 1-2 business days
  • Developed in New York City, partially assembled in Thailand by a clean factory we are proud to say is staffed by more than half women 
  • For custom sizing please email us at 

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