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  • Sphynx Ring Set - Resale
  • Sphynx Ring Set - Resale
  • Sphynx Ring Set - Resale
  • Sphynx Ring Set - Resale

Sphynx Ring Set - Resale

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The Sphynx Ring Set, a part of our new resale program, is a post consumer ring set. This beautiful, two-piece One-Of-A-Kind Custom Ring Set nests when worn. It falls comfortably between the web of fingers for ease of fit. The diamond is from the now closed Argyle Mine of Australia and is irreplaceable. Wear in as pictured or opposite to create an X shape.

Made in 18K Rose Gold, with a 3.26 Carat Champagne Diamond, 0.25 carat natural white diamond pave, with two Epaulet Step Cut Diamonds 1.08 Carat.


  • Size 4.5-5 (unable to resize)
  • 1 3.26ct rRound Brilliant Cut Brown Diamond
  • 2 1.07ct Epaulet Step Cup White Diamonds
  • 24 33ctw Round Brilliant Cut White Diamonds
  • 18K Rose Gold
  • Appraisal included
  • Final Sale

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We only work with suppliers that pass our transparency review, we are committed to ensuring all of our supply-chain partners are treated equitably and that the environment is treated with respect.