I love a great love story! Especially one that continues to grow with time. This passion for connecting with people and telling their stories through a wearable piece of jewelry is the main reason I started designing custom engagement rings. One day while meeting with our muse, Sarah Larson, she shared an incredibly touching engagement story that she had somehow neglected to share previously! Greatly inspired, I immediately turned to my sketch pad. I knew I had to create a physical representation that would one day be shared with their two children.

Gunnar, Sara's husband, was only 13 when he found a ring that felt so precious to him that he decided to safeguard it. He knew he wanted to save it to give to his future wife someday. He held on to this idea, and about 11 years later, he found the perfect person for his ring in Sara. Sara was so excited to be marrying her best friend; it didn't matter that the ring was silver and a Cubic Zirconia.   

When designing a custom piece, I like to focus on creating a clear connection between the jewelry and the personal stories shared with my clients. For this custom ring, I decided to take one of our Renew Collection Rings, The Loyalist, and adapt it into something that would hold deep meaning for both Gunner and Sara. I designed this ring with recycled gold and a lab diamond to help turn this beautiful story into an everlasting memento. 

The elegant framework of this design pays homage to the container where we hold love and devotion for friendships, family, and lovers. It was essential to remain true to their original piece. The ring has been adapted to be set with a single Princess Cut diamond instead of our classic design of five equally sized cushion cut stones. Sara's Loyalist Ring represents the couple's lifetime of connection and devotion. The open space between the diamond and the band on either side of the stone pays homage to the original ring's tension setting. Making this a daily reminder of the connection they share and their love story.   

The Loyalist Ring was designed for comfort. The open framework at the top of the ring connects to a delicate band to bring mobility and movement while wearing it. It is elegant yet easy to wear every day, making it the perfect meaningful gift for a loved one or yourself as a reminder of a significant life milestone. It is easy to wear, whether on its own or as part of a stack of rings; the Loyalist is a great investment piece that can fall into your daily jewelry rotation.   

Our ReNew Collection has been revered for its adaptability. It lends itself to creating a solid connection between the story you want to tell and the jewelry we design. Do you have any unworn jewelry that holds sentimental value? We will take the pieces' stones and re-purpose them to create a custom Bliss Lau piece to help tell your story. The ReNew Collection includes various "canvas" designs that can be adapted based on the stones you want to use.   

The process begins with a short video or in-person meeting with me at our New York studio. I love to listen to people's life stories, whether they be of the person's ancestors, their best friends, and even their pets! It's beautiful to listen to these incredible stories of how each person chooses to live.

Start your ReNew journey today.