• Kaleidoscope Max Bridge Ring
  • Kaleidoscope Max Bridge Ring
  • Kaleidoscope Max Bridge Ring
  • Kaleidoscope Max Bridge Ring
  • Kaleidoscope Max Bridge Ring
  • Kaleidoscope Max Bridge Ring
  • Kaleidoscope Max Bridge Ring

Kaleidoscope Max Bridge Ring

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"We wake up each morning and choose to style ourselves a certain way. Clothing is a means of creative expression, and an extension of our identity. The Kaleidoscope Ring is intended to allow you creative expression through jewelry."  - Bliss Lau

A modern, architectural and minimalist style. Begin with the Bridge Ring and build your set over time and customize your own look.  Made from 100% 18k Fairmined Gold, and engineered with squared edges for a perfectly balanced center of gravity on the finger.

The center Bridge Ring is encrusted with 36 SCS certified pave lab diamonds. SCS Certified Lab diamonds follow a standard that establishes unprecedented benchmarks of performance and transparency, featuring: 1) stringent environmental, social and governance (ESG) achievement; 2) climate neutrality; 3) sustainable production practices with net zero impact; 4) comprehensive origin traceability for the highest possible source-to-market certainty; and 5) sustainability investments that support vulnerable communities, reduce net impacts further, and contribute to a safer world. 


  • The Bridge Ring is 25mm length
  • Made with 18k Fairmined Gold
  • 36 SCS Certified Lab Diamonds .26 TCW
  • Engineered with a squared bottom to balance the ring centrally on the finger
  • This ring is designed in half sizes, for example, if you wear a size 6 or 6.5 the size 6.5 will fit due to the length and density of the ring
  • Developed in New York City, manufactured in Thailand by a clean factory we are proud to say is staffed by more than half women
  • Full set combines the center Bridge Ring, two Nuance Rings and a Split Ring
  • Want the full set? Shop Kaleidoscope Max Ring Set

Will my shipment be insured?

Every order is insured to ensure the protection of your purchase.

Can I return the item?

For ready-to-ship items we will accept returns within 7 days of order placement. For made-to-order items please reach out to us for more details.

What is the traceability of this item?

We only work with suppliers that pass our transparency review, we are committed to ensuring all of our supply-chain partners are treated equitably and that the environment is treated with respect.


The ring is beautiful!
I've been stopped more than I can count this week asking to see it closer, and
people so complimentary of what a masterpiece you've created. Thank you for
helping me feel special, and my fingers sparkle.

- Erin Frizzell

“I am so incredibly in love with my new custom ring. The stones were from a ring of my mother’s, which I admittedly stored in a drawer for over 15 years since
her passing because it didn’t fit any of my fingers. Not only did Bliss and her team reimagine this ring into something modern and beautiful, but the process of working with them was also so so wonderful: even though Bliss never met my
mother, I felt that she had a reverence for her through the design of this new piece. Now, I have something that perfectly embodies my aesthetic and also
embraces my mother’s legacy.

- Joanna Lovering

“What we looked for in an engagement ring was everything Bliss Lau stands for; consciously designed, fairmined gold, USA grown diamonds and transparent about the whole process. She was excited about working with us and meeting our sustainability needs. Thank you so much Bliss team!”

- LaurenBelleville and Matthew Schwartzman-Stubbs