What is my size?

Finger sizes change throughout our lives, even each day. The ring that fits you in the summer may be loose in the winter, and vice versa. In addition, the ring that fits you today may fit differently in five or ten years. 

  • Wide rings over 6mm in width, and our double banded rings generally fit with a larger size
  • Thin rings smaller in width should fit slightly tighter
  • Enclose Bands : Our Bliss Lau Enclose Bands are not to be measured like a typical wedding band. Due to the spacing and extra metal, Enclose Bands are to be measured like a wide band. We suggest you size a quarter to half size up for a comfortable, correct fit.
  • Futurist Ring & Acoustic Ring: Due to the open nature of both rings, we suggest measuring down half a size for the correct fit. This ring is ideal for those with large knuckles as it is not round.
  • Kaleidoscope Ring: We suggest you size half a size up when purchasing the Kaleidoscope Ring.
  • Click Here to arrange for our detailed Sizing Ritual.

How do I measure my wrist?

What is one of a kind?

At Bliss Lau, our one of a kind rings are an extensive process, beginning with a questionnaire about you and your partner’s love, life, experiences or anything you wish to share. One of a kind rings are a step beyond the bespoke process, ending with a unique design that only you will ever own.


What is a bespoke ring?

Our bespoke ring collection consists of designs that are customized for each customer, based on their body, the gemstone, and any additional requests. The bespoke collection includes the Minimalist, Minimalist Rise, Minimalist Arc, Futurist, Acoustic, Centered, Illuminate and many more.

How long does it take for a bespoke ring to be made?

Our lead time for bespoke items is approximately 6-10 weeks. Some items take longer to make than others. Platinum may take an additional two weeks to be completed and shipped. For rush orders and custom requests please email us at info@blisslau.com.


What is made to order?

Made to order pieces may be ordered directly on the website and consistently executed exactly as you see them pictured. These pieces are handmade, the lead time is approximately 4-8 weeks.


Will my stone perfectly match the pictures on the website?

Every stone is unique, with slight variations in size or color. Please keep in mind that mobile devices and laptops, ie digital screens, also have color variation. We are highly precise about our color choices and work extensively to color match each stone, but it is not guaranteed.


Can I fit my existing engagement ring into an Enclose Band?

Yes, our signature Enclose Bands are bespoke and therefore customizable to fit as a wedding band with any engagement ring. First we will measure your ring, then use our design technology to develop the best fitting option to match your existing ring.


We also have recently launched the Expanse Ring, a made to order enclose band designed specifically to fit most rings, without needing custom fitting.


Does Bliss Lau offer jewelry insurance?

We recommend clients insure their jewelry. After the purchase of an item of $2,500+, we will connect you with a no-fault jewelry focused insurance company who can provide you with quotes and services within the United States.


Does Bliss Lau offer appraisal?

Yes. We work with a number of laboratories who appraise jewelry and stones. This process can take between one week and four weeks depending on how extensive the appraisal is. Please contact us at info@blisslau.com


Can we set an heirloom stone into your setting?

Yes, we would love to set an heirloom stone for you. Before working with any reclaimed stone, we thoroughly inspect the health of the stone for resetting. We are able to give a credit for accompanying metal. We have a setting fee for stones brought to us that varies depending on the size and shape.


If you wish to repurpose your heirloom jewelry, we suggest working with us on an appraisal once the stones have been extracted from their settings.


How does high-value shipping work?

All orders of $1000 and more are shipped via insured overnight shipping. A signature is required upon delivery, a person must be at the location to receive the package. Orders may not be delivered to P.O. Boxes. 


What is our Returns / Exchange Policy?

All bespoke, custom, and one of a kind orders are final sale.


In stock merchandise purchased from blisslau.com may be exchanged to Simply Bliss, Inc. only within 7 days of purchase and only if accompanied by original condition, packaging, and packing slip. Please be mindful that the customer is responsible for shipping costs associated with the exchange and we recommend that you insure the package for up to the value of the returned item.


Does Bliss Lau offer cleaning services for my jewelry?

You are invited to visit our New York studio for a free jewelry cleaning, book an appointment here.


How do I manage the daily wear and tear of my jewelry?

We encourage you to do annual upkeep on your jewelry. Please contact us at info@blisslau.com


How often should I send in my white gold ring for replating?

Most of our white gold pieces are plated with Rhodium, a traditional process which gives white gold the bright, white color. We recommend replating every 1-2 years.


Does Bliss Lau make rings in different metals?

Yes! We work with 14K, 18K gold and Platinum for our Fine Jewelry Collection and Sterling Silver for our Semi Fine Collection. For more information please visit our Materials Page.


I have a metal allergy! What metal do you recommend for clients with sensitive skin?

If you have experienced discomfort wearing metal, you may have a metal allergy. The main cause for discomfort is base metal mixtures into pure gold, 18K gold is composed of 75% gold and 14K gold is composed 58% gold. Additional copper is used to create the pink tone in Rose Gold. Platinum or palladium are generally recommended as hypo-allergenic metals.


Does my Bliss Lau jewelry come with a care set?

Yes! If you purchase an engagement ring or ring set you will receive a complimentary care set with your order.