Does Bliss Lau provide appraisal?

Yes! Please contact us at info@blisslau.com if you are interested in appraising your jewelry or gemstones.


Does Bliss Lau offer insurance?

Yes, we always recommend you insure your jewelry. After the purchase of an item of $2,500+, we connect you to a no fault jewelry focused insurance company who can provide you with quotes and services.


How long does it take for a custom ring to be made?

Please expect about 6-8 weeks for your order to be completed and shipped. For rush orders and custom requests please email us at info@blisslau.com


My ring is dirty! Does Bliss Lau offer cleaning services for my jewelry?

Yes! You are invited to free jewelry cleaning in our studio whenever you would like, simply email us at info@blisslau.com to let us know what time is best. If you wish to ship your jewelry to us that is also an option.  One of the incredible honors we have in making wedding rings is that you enjoy our designs for daily wear. We want you to enjoy the jewelry everyday for the rest of your life.


Help! I think it’s time for my annual ring tune up! Do you offer services?

Yes! We encourage you to do annual upkeep on your ring. Please contact us at info@blisslau.com


I received my ring and the size is wrong! Do you offer resizing?


Can we set an heirloom stone into your setting?

Yes, we have a custom setting fee of $100 per carat


Can I choose my sapphire?