Power and Connection: Emeralds

“Emeralds remind me of my home in Hawaii. I used to hike to Makapu’u lookout and, loved looking down into the view below, into the glassy ocean it evoked a universe within it, much like the galaxy within each Emerald that I find endlessly fascinating.” - Bliss Lau 

Many things may come to mind when thinking about green; nature, money, even luck; but for me, it's Emeralds. What comes to mind for you?  

Known for their distinct color and rarity, emeralds are a variety of beryl, a mineral composed of beryllium aluminum silicate. Traces of chromium, vanadium, and iron make an emerald green, and the higher the concentration of chromium, the deeper and richer the hue. The intensity and saturation of emerald gemstones are equated to their value, meaning the more vivid and rich the color and free of inclusions, the more valuable the emerald. I appreciate any shade of green in an emerald as they all evoke mysticism and a sense of spirituality and connectedness to ancient times and energy. The intrinsic value of an emerald is fascinating not only in its gemological characteristics but also in its history. What story does the emerald have to tell? 


Emeralds have been objects of adoration for millennia. Each culture attaches their own set of beliefs and lore to the gem. All, however, agree on their untenable beauty. The first known Emerald mines were in Egypt, dating back to 1500 BCE. The Egyptians believed emeralds symbolized fertility and rebirth and were common in Egyptian jewelry, amulets, and decorative objects. Cleopatra was notorious for collecting Emeralds and adorning herself in these precious gemstones. 

For many ancient cultures, Emeralds held mystical and spiritual meanings and were thought to have the ability to heal. The Romans believed they could treat eye ailments and even ward off epilepsy. The Incas and Aztecs thought them to have the power to connect the wearer to the divine and bring good fortune, love, and prosperity. Even the Inca Emperor Atahualpa wore a large emerald on his forehead to symbolize his power.  


In Hindu mythology, emeralds hold an astrological power and are connected to the planet Mercury. Known as Budh in Hinduism, Mercury is a deity and the son of the Moon, often associated with communication, intelligence, and creativity. It is believed that wearing emeralds can strengthen these characteristics. The Hindu goddess Lakshmi is linked to good fortune, and Hindus consider wearing an emerald to invite good luck. 

The ancient Romans viewed Emeralds with immense value and believed the gemstone could provide love, balance, and fertility, connecting these ideals to the Goddess Venus. They found emeralds so pure that they could ward off the presence of evil. The ancient Greeks also associated emeralds with the goddess Aphrodite and were convinced they could attract love and romance.  

In modern times, many people hold similar beliefs that Emeralds have mystical and spiritual properties. Some associate them with love, prosperity, and healing, like many ancient people, as well as improving mental clarity and having the ability to enhance intuition.  


At Bliss Lau, we enjoy designing with emeralds that pay homage to their ancient origins and have an exciting sourcing story to tell. We work directly with mine owners in Brazil to source our emeralds. For the latest Reflection Collection pieces, we use tiny triangular emeralds that are heritage goods from our suppliers' archives. These emeralds were mined over twenty years ago! They are not all perfect; some may have inclusions, be chipped, or even be considered unusable by some jewelers. Their imperfections add to their story, much like in life. We prefer to find ways to utilize the tiny gems that have already been mined instead of requesting new stones to be cut because it aligns more with our conscious consumption ethos. We can support our suppliers without extracting anything new from the Earth by designing around the rocks in their archives. The only drawback...we can only create a finite number of pieces. The collection thus becomes a limited edition. Once we sell out, we must adapt the design with different-sized stones or a different type of gem altogether.  


Thank you for reading.


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