Zelda Bra

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Reintroducing our signature bodychain collection, enjoy the relaunch of our best selling styles, the Interlude, Blink, Lost in Light Bra, Zelda Bra, and Chrysler Bracelet. These designs, originally intended to be three-dimensional sketch lines along the body, to accentuate parts of the body that may otherwise go unseen. This collection is a dedication to the beauty of all bodies and a reminder to embrace your sexuality.

 Designed to be worn under the clothing, this collection originally titled Mysterious Concealmentis intended to be worn as a type of sensual armor. Thus inviting you to be playful, feel sexy, and enjoy your body and the feeling of the chains against the skin. 

The original Art Deco Collection was inspired not only by the design style, but the people of the era. The Zelda Bra was inspired by Zelda Syre, or rather Zelda Fitzgerald the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald was an iconic woman of the era known her vibrant spirit, and as F. Scott Fitzgerald described her “iridescence.”  

  • Designed to be worn as a metaphor for lingerie under the clothing
  • Elegantly draped to surround the body and accentuate the beautiful curves of the female form
  • Available in Sterling Silver + Black Diamonds or Yellow Gold +White Diamonds
  • Adjustable two inches in the back with secure lobster closure
  • Sizing based on standard bra-sizing
  • Not intended to bear the weight of the bust, purely designed for decoration
  • Created for women of all busts
  • Please contact info@blisslau.com for custom sizing requests and estimated delivery
  • Developed in New York City, manufactured in Thailand by a clean factory we are proud to say is staffed by more than half women