I am overjoyed to announce that my daughter, Soa, has been born. To celebrate this joyous moment, I have dedicated a powerful new collection of jewelry to both Soa and my late father, Edson Lau. I have been working on this deeply autobiographical tribute to them throughout the last year. Rooted in the healing and centering energies of Gold, Crystal Quartz and Black Jade, I call this collection life.

Crystal Quartz, sourced from Arkansas, was chosen for its energy absorbent properties. It's a stone that can capture energy and neutralize it. I have been wearing the life Collection's Crystal Quartz pieces with the idea that I could capture the energy of this new life and experience into the crystal, and then keep and treasure it as Soa grows older. I see this as an idea that can translate not only into the physical birth of a child, but also the birth of an idea and the vibrance of any new experience that is created by you. The simple truth is that we often forget the time when things are new and pure. The Crystal Quartz pieces are meant to be a keepsake and a reminder of those times in our lives, whatever the circumstances.

Black Jade, non-invasively mined in Australia, was chosen for its resonance with my Chinese-American heritage. So many of my family members have passed their Jade pieces down to me over the years, and I treasure them, but the artist in me has always felt they needed a little design update! Known as a protective and healing stone, I love Jade for its "bodyguard" status. I dedicate the Black Jade life Collection pieces to my father, because after his loss, I longed to carry a token of his energy with me daily. I believe that those who have impacted our lives, but are no longer with us, still have the ability to protect us through talisman like the life Collection pieces in Black Jade. I was inspired to create it not only for myself, but for anyone who may join me in this craving to remember.

Thank you for sharing this joyous day with me. I hope you enjoy exploring this autobiographical collection.

 - Bliss


Intentionally designed and judiciously curated, the life Collection is composed of three deeply autobiographical pieces: The HALO Necklace, the Black Jade large and small BREVITY pendant, the Crystal Quartz large and small BREVITY pendant, and the BREVITY bracelet.